Why a Food Forest?

Most houseplants are tropical plants. When we relocated to Florida, it became a natural progression for this houseplant grower to venture outdoors when the climate allowed.

At first, I noticed my favorite houseplants growing in the wild. This was revolutionary for me, probably more so than it should have been, but it got me thinking about all the possibilities that were now available with the addition for the outdoors to my regular houseplant garden.

Next, I noticed the Papaya trees. They are beautiful! I imagined what it must be like to walk outside and just grab one from the tree. The rest is history, because the seed had been planted and a food forest was born.

Food forests are more complex than just a yard full of edible plants, it works together with native pollinators and protects itself from a relentless sun by layering the shade. Certain plant varieties are only present to enrich the soil with nitrogen to aid the growth of its neighbors. It's an elaborate system, but it's simple because it's natural. We are meant to connect with our food and Earth, building a food forest is the best way possible to give back to the planet and nourish your body.

Follow along our journey for more detailed explanations of everything I've mentioned here. We will showing you how to build your own, through sharing our journey of turning a regular yard to a food forest!

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