May Plant of the Month

Philodendron Prince of Orange

Philodendron Prince of Orange is one of the most beautiful clump-forming varieties of Philodendron. They are not trailing or climbing plants so you don't have to worry about staking them as they grow. New growth offers such an incredible pop of color, as they grow in bright orange! Which of obviously how it got its name Prince of Orange. They are easily one of our favorite Philodendrons because of their unique and attention-grabbing color, while not adding much work for the gardener. We're very excited to feature this gorgeous houseplant as our May Plant of the Month!


Finding the perfect combo of ease of care and aesthetic value in a plant is one of our favorite things to do when choosing our plants each month. Prince of Orange is a great example of beauty and ease colliding to create the perfect houseplant decor. They are forgiving of low light and tolerant of most soil. Just an all-around pleasant plant. Each new leaf is bright orange then slowly turns into a complex green 


Light - Prince of Orange is known for their bright color, and to maximize its orange hues you will want to keep them in bright, indirect light right in front of a window. They will thrive in any light, but the brighter their light, the brighter their leaves.


Water - Water for these guys is simple, just water when they dry for at least 2 inches below the top of the soil. They don't like to be waterlogged, but they do drink a lot so make sure they are in well-draining pot and water every 7-10 days.

We can't wait to reveal the rest of the box contents!


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