Plant of the Month - March

Who doesn't love the ease and simplicity of growing a Pothos?

We do! That's why we selected Pearls and Jade as the March Plant of the Month!

Pothos tend to be the easiest plants to grow, it is said you can put a Golden Pothos in a closet and it will grow. We do not recommending testing this, but you get the point.

Pearls and Jade are sturdy plants, making them a no-hassle addition to any plant collection. We think that this is the perfect plant, it has beautiful variegation yet doesn't require much maintenance.


Pearls and Jade exactly like most Pothos and pretty simple to keep happy!

Light - They can tolerate low to bright, indirect light so they are versatile and capable of living in many different settings in the home. If you want to maintain a higher variegation, you should keep it in brighter indirect light.

Water - Do not over-water these plants as they can fall victim to root rot, let them almost dry out before a thorough watering.

They can thrive in almost any soil as long as it is well-draining.

We can't wait to reveal the rest of the box contents!


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