Let's Talk Propagating

We love to propagate our mama plants. Simply put, it's a beautiful thing. Each type of plant has a different root system and each is spectacular to watch develop. This method is easy, effective and fun. We take the clipping, drop it in water, and watch the magic unfold. It is best to make sure that you change the water every week to ensure the roots stay healthy.

Plant propagation not only multiplies your own plant collection by creating entirely new plants, it's also a way to share your plant family with the people you love. One of my favorite things about raising plants is gifting plants, it's shares something so personal and lasting. We like to paint the pot, add some soil when it's fully dry and sealed, then plant our baby plant in it's new home. Share the love.

My favorites to water propagate are Rosemary, Tradescantia, and Pothos. Any of these will be a great place to get started!

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