6 Must-Have Plant Tools

When caring for plants, you can't plan for everything. But there are a few things that you can predict will probably come up. For example, you will eventually have to move your plants into bigger pots, you will probably bump into a pest or two and you will collect some dust on those beautiful leaves.

We compiled a list of supplies that all plant parents should have on hand - just in case!

    1. Small Spare Bag of Soil will almost certainly come in handy. When you pot a new plant from the nursery pot, most of the time you will need to add soil to make sure your new plant is nestled in a comfy environment. Also, it's sometimes necessary to entirely replace the soil if you are experiencing plant pests. You can get a 6 qt bag that is small enough to have on hand but also will be enough to cover all your miscellaneous planting needs.

      2. Hand Shovels aren't used for daily maintenance but are extremely helpful when potting plants. No one love getting dirt everywhere so having a slender shovel will help reduce a lot of mess. We recommend our foldable hand shovel because it is compact, easy to store but works like a champ. The hand shovel is a reliable addition to any toolbox!

        3. Cinnamon is probably not one of the items that come to mind when discussing gardening supplies but it is extremely helpful in maintaining a harmonious houseplant collection. If you've never met a fungus gnat, you probably will at some point. They pop up when you have overwatered, or when you have sitting water somewhere in the pot. Sprinkling cinnamon on the soil and letting the soil dry out properly should solve all your problems!
          4. Microfiber Towels are very helpful when cleaning your leaves. They are gentle, easy to maneuver, and pick up all that residue from water spots and dust. These
            5. Rubbing Alcohol is another very helpful plant tool that you probably already have on hand. You will need this when you have mealybugs or any other kind of pests on your plants. Just grab some cotton balls, or a microfiber towel depending on the size of the plant, and rub the leaves clean to grab any of those nasty pests.

              6. Plant Food is a must. Plant food (or fertilizer) is pretty confusing when you first start using it but some great brands made it as simple as possible. We fertilize with every watering during the growing seasons to help our plants make the most out of those warm months. Having a one-gallon jug on hand, bonus points if it's upcycled, is really helpful because you just add the plant food directly to the water and water as usual.

              We hope this list helps you prepare for most of your plants' needs. There are some problems you can predict will pop up and with these 6 things you'll be ready for anything!

              Drop a comment below and let us know when you know if you have any must-have plant tools in your tool belt!

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