5 Ways to Know You Need A Houseplant


Still on the fence about adding a houseplant to your home? Here are a few things to consider to help you identify if it's to take the plunge.

1. You are a nature-lover. In our opinion, bringing nature to your living spaces helps create calm in the home. You feel in your element, you can stop and observe their new growth to put your mind at ease. Plants sit calmly and grow. We can all find a sense of peace in their presence. Why not allow yourself to spend time with nature, without leaving your home? Go ahead, build that jungle!

2. You have experienced trauma. You may have heard of Horticulture Therapy, Plant Therapy, Therapeutic Gardening, or any other name for the practice but one thing is common among all the terms - plants care is therapy. We tend to the soil, wipe the leaves, feed them, and water them. These are therapeutic techniques to give purpose and interconnectedness with nature. In addition to trauma, Horticulture Therapy is known to improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills, and socialization.

3. You are feeling the impacts of aging. We all know it's happening, but sometimes you can actively feel it. An impressive way Horticulture Therapy can help combat the impact of aging is by promoting fine motor skill improvement, improving blood pressure, and reducing the effect of stress on the body. It's good for you to grow plants!

4. You have empty space in your home. Plants make a huge impact in developing a space, making it feel warm and giving it depth. You can create layers and texture and add height to your home just by adding houseplants to your decor. They add rich color, their pots add endless opportunities to decorate and they improve with time as they grow larger and fuller. If you have a window sill, try adding a plant!

5. You are human. Plants make us feel food, they provide food and shelter and beauty and recreation to our lives. In sum, add a plant to your window sill and see if it doesn't feel a little better!

Drop a comment below and let us know when you knew you needed a plant in your life!

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