Let's talk about Plant Therapy

2020 brought a lot of change to all of our lives. A silver lining has been the increase in houseplant popularity, especially among young people in need of emotional support. Being able to connect to the healing power of nature from right inside our homes has been critical for many people as we cope with an increasingly uncertain world.

Though we know that caring for plants makes us happy, the benefits run deeper than just a peaceful pastime. There are many different names for this form of therapy: Horticulture Therapy, Therapeutic Gardening, Garden Therapy, Plant Therapy, and several more, but you get the point.

The benefits of this form of therapy have been documented for centuries but in recent years have been studied and defined in more scientific terms. Researchers have honed in on the benefits of gardening as it helps us to refocus our minds and bodies on purposeful tasks that promote calmness and self-satisfaction.

Many studies have found that just being in nature – even taking a walk through a garden – can improve only your mental health but also, your blood pressure, your heart rate, and your stress hormone levels. These health benefits can ultimately lead to a longer, more content life. Just imagine all the possible benefits of intentional plant-focused wellness!

At Garden Nook Box, we think that plant therapy is both a science and an art. Not only does it improve our health, but it surrounds our senses with beauty and renewal. Not convinced? Follow along our journey of plant-focused wellness and see how we apply this form of therapy to our everyday lives.

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