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The last year has been one that offered a substantial amount of personal growth for me. Garden Nook has grown, my love of creating an earthy, and wholesome home has grown and my love of exploring the world has grown. Many of us who connect with our plants are seeking a connection with the earth, and nature and the illusive origins of peace.

I can personally say my plant journey has been layered with a longing for a living space that feels deeper, more connected and in tune with my ancestral needs. I've longed to find my real home. This is a journey that I am still on, but with each new vine that fills my home with life, the closer I feel to the source. 

Courmayeur, Italy

Filling my home with tropical houseplants has been an incredible source of joy, but at times I’ve still felt like something was missing. I was still searching for the tools I needed to feel more connected to my home. I wanted decor that felt authentic to me beyond aesthetics, but also functional and family-oriented. 

All of this leads to a family trip to Italy this winter, I spent time with my in-laws and embraced the slow traditions of Northern Italy. There I fell in love with table settings, with tiny stirring spoons and the rich smell of stove top espresso. I spent quiet mornings drinking espresso and watching the fog slowly fade between the mountains. I knew my longing was being soothed. I saw a window into the wholesome, time-tested approach to life that I was seeking.

Downtown A'osta, Italy

These moments color my vision for Garden Nook. Living slowly as the world continues to grow and renew all around us. Intentionally curating our space. If you are like me, you might be learning how create a home from scratch. You might be learning to create the habits and traditions that nurture the soul. You might seek to learn from other women and soak up the wisdom of the fierce mothers that came before us. Together, as we grow plants and develop our homes, we build a stronger foundation to grow and heal ourselves.

Ivrea, Italy

With all of that being said, I would like to announce that we will be expanding our store beyond plants and plant products. We will offer table settings, kitchenware and functional home decor. It takes many components to create a Garden Nook, and we'll have them all here for you!

New products will become available in mid-February.

Stay tuned!


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