April Plant of the Month - Syngonium 'Maria'

Syngonium is an incredibly beautiful Genus, we're under the impression that they don't get the credit they deserve. They come in every color it seems and each is has its own unique pattern. They are a trailing plant so they will fill up their pot and begin to spill over the sides to create a gorgeous, full piece of plant decor.



Syngonium 'Maria' or Syngonium 'Maria Allusion' is a simple plant to grow which makes it a favorite around here. We are always seeking plant varieties that offer the most aesthetic value for the least amount of maintenance, which lead us straight to Syngonium 'Maria'!

Light - This plant variety really likes a lot of light, so you want to keep them close to window where they can meet their light requirements. If you don't have an easy spot near a window, they will be fine if they are in medium light. If you want to maintain a brighter pink, you should keep it in brighter indirect light.

Water - The water routine is a little specific to Syngonium, you aren't going to want to let the soil fully dry out but also do not let their soil become soggy. They go slightly dormant in the winter months so you are going to reduce your watering from every 7-10 days to once every 10-14 days.

We can't wait to reveal the rest of the box contents!

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