2022 y'all!

2021 was quite a year. We all felt it in different ways -- honestly, I think it felt pretty surreal to most of us. You can count us at Garden Nook in that category. We moved from Washington, DC to Tampa, Florida in the summer and I can't stress enough what a huge change that was! 

As 2021 closed, I took time to think a lot about my goals here at Garden Nook Box. I knew that this business would be fundamentally changed by the move, and I hoped for better, but I didn't know exactly how yet. As I look into 2022, the new landscape is starting to come into focus more clearly. To me, being here and present with this community is what I hope to expand in the coming year. The tropical plantspace that we are now surrounded by provides endless inspiration and ideas to share.

Growing plants together is a bond, and it is healing to watch your efforts create beautiful new life. With each new leaf -- you have improved your corner of the world just a little bit, and made it a little bit more beautiful. What a special gift! Cultivating a rewarding and beautiful monthly box is just one way we hope to connect our community here over the coming year.

We love plants, we love community and we can't wait grow together in 2022!

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